Scholarship Program

ASIE started the student scholarship program in 1998 on a small scale. Since then, we have received overwhelming and generous support from the engineering community as well as individuals during the Gala events in 1999, 2002, 2009, 2014 and at other ASIE fund raising events. Over the years, the ASIE scholarship program has seen increase in scholarship applications and thus expanded our number and amount of awards. This program is to recognize and reward talented and deserving students of Indian origin pursuing engineering or architecture degrees. The annual scholarship program is possible due to generous support from the major sponsors and individual contributors. 

2018 Scholarship Winners

  • Neha Sahai, BS in Architecture - Rice University

  • Nishat Fatima, BS in Chemical Engineering - University of Houston

  • Raina Jose, BS in Bio Medical Engineering - University of Houston

  • Tanvi Parikh, BS in Mechanical Engineering - University of Houston

  • Meghana Padmanabhan, MS in Computer & Systems Engineering – University of Houston

  • Tamalee Basu, MS in Architecture – University of Houston

  • Anusha Kishtapuram, MS in Electrical Engineering – University of Houston

  • Praveen Padala, MS in Electrical Engineering – University of Houston

  • Rahul Sujanani, PhD in Chemical Engineering - UT Austin

  • Priyanka Arora, PhD in Chemical Engineering - University of Houston

  • Amareswara RaoKavuri, PhD in Bio Medical Engineering – University of Houston

  • Aseem Chawla, PhD in Chemical Engineering – University of Houston


2017 Scholarship Winners


$1,500 Recipients each:

  • Parth Mukesh Kumar Joshi, MS in Electrical Engineering , UH

  • Pritam Deshraj, MS in Engineering Management, UH

  • Neethi Anand Gangidi, MS in  Subsea Engineering, UH

  • Tejasree Pathak, PhD in Civil Engineering, UH

$1,000 Recipients each:

  • Bhavik Bharatbhai Desai, BS in Civil Engineering, TSU

  • Tanmay Jayendra Thakker, M.Arch , Architecture, UH


2016 Recipients
















Recipients for $1,000 each 

  • Anika Tanwani, Bachelors in Bio-Med Engineering, UT Austin,

  • Ashesh Srivastava, Master of Science in Subsea Engineering, UOH

  • Vikhyath Gattu, Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, UOH 


Recipients for $750 each 


  • Bharat Thakur, Masters in Petroleum Engineering, UoH

  • Nitya Mohan, Masters in Petroleum Engineering, UoH

  • Kalyani Bhatt, Master in Architecture, Rice University

  • Niteshkumar Mishra,  Masters in Electrical Engineering, UoH

2015 Recipients


Hardik Minocha, Masters in Subsea Eng.;

Krishna Saladi, PhD in Environmental Eng.;

Renu Khatri,   Masters in Industrial Eng.;

Nishant Sankhe, Masters in Architecture.

Sai Anudeep Reddy, Ph D in Civil Eng.;

Anu George, undergraduate in Chemical Eng.

Akshay Deokar, MS in Subsea Eng.;

Sonika Gahlawat, PhD in Mechanical Eng.


ASIE awarded scholarships of $10,000 in 2013, $15,000 in 2014, and $12,000 in 2015.


Past Recipients of the scholarships include:


Priya Patel, Chemical Engineering, University of Houston

Abhipray Sahoo, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University

Ayush Rastogi, Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston

Rahul Goel, Space Life Sciences, University of Houston

Vikram Murali, Chemical Engineering, Rice University

Radhakrishna Kotti, Electrical Engineering, University of Houston

Krishna Rishi Saladi, Environmental Engineering, University of Houston



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