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Young Engineer of the Year, Chaitanya Kasturi (Gampa) at ASIE’s Holiday Event

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With the gradual increase in membership, ASIE has seen more and more young engineers and architects actively participating in the organization. To encourage them to be actively involved with ASIE, the Young Engineer/Architect of the Year Award was started in 1998. These Young Engineers’ names are nominated for further recognition during the Houston Engineer’s Week celebrations, organized by the Texas Society of Professionals Engineers (TSPE). Our congratulations go to Alok Shah, PE for being awarded the ASIE Young Engineer/Architect of the Year 2024


Alok is a Water/Wastewater Engineer with AUC Group working on wastewater treatment plants for clients across Texas and surrounding region. He has previously worked at Arcadis and Jacobs Engineering. Alok graduated with a Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Georgia. Alok has served on the ASIE board since 2021. He is the current treasurer and has previously served as a Young Members chair and the PR/Publicity chair. He has also been involved as part of the Scholarship committee since 2021 and was the Scholarship Chair in 2022.

Recent recipients of the award:

2023 Varenya Mehta, PE

2022 Raghu Veturi, PE, PTOE

2021 Vishakha Kaushik, PE

2020 Apoorv Khare

2019 Chaitanya Kasturi, PE, PMP, ENV SP
2018 Sirish Madichetti, PE, CFM 
2017 Poolkeshi Patel EIT
2016 Sai Gowthami Asam 
2015 Naresh Kolli, PE

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