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Membership Services Committee Message

How many times a potential membership candidate asks questions like why should I join ASIE? What is in it for me? If I become a member of the ASIE what benefits do I receive?

In answering the above questions we generally state ASIE offers monthly meetings, PDH hours, networking opportunities, volunteering opportunities in Math count and Science fair, etc. etc. In addition to these benefits, ASIE has recently added a Membership Services Committee (MSC) to further focus on membership benefits. The MSC has identified various benefits helpful to the ASIE members in their professional careers. The following is a list of service goals, not in any particular order,


1. Career guidance and counseling

2. Encourage and assist in professional registration

3. To provide a forum for limited assistance to members in entrepreneurship, business and professional interests

4. To assist unemployed members through networking opportunities

5. To potentially assist members with issues at work place, through network of members on a case by case basis

6. Skill development through educational courses

The first goal being currently implemented is Career guidance and counseling. Once sufficient progress is made on this goal, a new goal will be selected by then current MSC. The new goal will be added to the Career guidance and counseling, it will formally announced, promoted and implemented. This cycle will be continued till all goals are successfully implemented as part of ASIE benefits.

The ASIE Members and employees of the ASIE Corporate members are highly encouraged to take advantage of these services offered by ASIE MSC. Any suggestions maybe submitted to

ASIE MSC Career Counseling Program Overview

Pre-Match Questionnaire for Prospective Mentees

Pre-Match Questionnaire for Prospective Career Counselors

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