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Dear ASIE Members,

I am truly excited and happy to accept the honor of becoming the President of the American Society of Indian Engineers, ASIE, for the year 2019. It is particularly gratifying and humbling to take this responsibility during the Silver Jubilee year of this organization. When I look back over the years since ASIE was initiated, I see it as a matter of pride for all engineers and architects of Indian origin that our Society has now become one of the premier engineering societies in the greater Houston area. I am truly humbled and honored to take on this role during such an exciting and important time.

I am anxiously looking forward to working with the Board and Council to advance this organization and continue to grow, not only in size, but in prominence within our community. My commitment to this organization has always been to follow the mission, which is to maintain its programs and continue to assist fellow engineers and architects of Indian origin to become successful in their respective professions. I am committed to doing my utmost to achieve this goal.

In addition to providing the networking opportunities and organizing a variety of technical seminars, this year we are also excited to begin planning for the Silver Jubilee celebrations. It is our hope to make this year a year to remember, but that is not possible without the cooperation and support of each of you, an integral part of ASIE and without whom we could not achieve our goals. You hold a level of professionalism, experience and expertise in various areas; all of which are incredibly useful to our incoming colleagues as well as those who have been in the field for several years.

Toward that end, I sincerely seek your contribution of time and services to the extent you can. We are always seeking suggestions for improvement. It is also my goal to increase the membership of the organization, both at the general membership level and the corporate membership level as this relates to our goal of increasing our role and presence in the community. I look forward to providing more support to the students of local universities by way of scholarships, as well.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to get involved and make your mark on this important year. Getting involved in ASIE not only helps to promote our important line of work, but it helps to bring the next generation of engineers and architects to a higher level in our community. We are all products of those who came before us. Let us begin the year with hopeful hearts and active minds to achieve our goals. Here is to an exciting year for ASIE. My sincere appreciation goes to you all for allowing me to take on this role. I look forward to serving with you and helping to bring our field of work to the next level.



Showri Nandagiri, P.E.

ASIE President – 2019

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