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  Members' Voice & Views

  •  May Event

“Hearty congratulations to ASIE on organizing an awesome event and inviting Dr. Karun Sreerama as a Keynote Speaker and PWE Director of City of Houston. As Dr. Sreerama mentioned in his remarks and I agree that ASIE put sincere efforts and it is the result of a large turnout ever before. The heads have turned towards ASIE among the professional community. It takes lot of time, talents and dedication to make an event a success. Well today’s event was a grand success!!!”


- Ravi Raj Yanamandala, M.S., M.B.A., P.E., the President of Geotest Engineering, Inc.

“The event was a great success with enormous attendance. The speech from our Keynote Speaker was very informative and meaningful. In short the ASIE did a great job, as it says – leadership matters. Looking forward for future meetings.”


- Lalit Sheth, Retired Engineer and ASIE 2017 New Member


  •  June Event

“Not just their hospitality, but they also gave a presentation on how they give away their time and financial help in so many great activities to make this world a better place, in spite of their busy work schedule. It is an excellent example of a noble business owner with Indian culture family values”


- Avinash Patel, Member of ASIE

  • February 2017 Technical Seminar
    I enjoyed our last ASIE event. It was well organized and well attended. I am looking forward to participating in forthcoming events even though I have to come a long way from NASA area. I am wondering if there is any glimmer of hope for my students to get some internship or entry level job. They are not citizen or resident but they are entitled to work for about 18 months if they find any employer. I hope you are able to help them. 

    Zafar Taqvi, Ph.D. Engineering Faculty, UHCL

  • Event – Jan 19, 2017 – Recognition & Induction Ceremony, On 20-Jan-2017, at 8:41 PM


  • Well planned and organized

  • PowerPoint  presentations were  sharp and clean

  • All talks were short and to the point

  • Your acceptance speech and the vision for the future was very good

  • Oath ceremony was superb

  • Food was delicious

  • Large gathering

  • Good size hall, well decorated  and prepared

  • Glad that all past presidents was recognized

  • Overall a  great show
    - Dr. Sulekh C. Jain, Houston, Texas, USA

  • I am honored to be elected as President for 2015. We have had an excellent year including 20th Anniversary Gala under the leadership of Sekhar Ambadapudi as a 2014 President. I will try my level best to keep up the momentum. I would like to congratulate all the elected Board Members as well as Advisors, and with their support, I will bring ASIE to the next higher level.” said Raj Basavaraju.

  • Annual Holiday Event Diwali 2015: Thank you all ASIE Team for a GREAT Annual Holiday Event ushering Diwali 2015. Best wishes to you all for a Happy and Prosperous Diwali. – Raghu Dass, Annual Member

  • ASIE Membership Drive: at ICC Fest: Just to let you all know ASIE team is doing a good job. Congratulations – John Pinto, Annual Member

  • ASIE May 2015 Luncheon: ASIE May 2015 Luncheon: Kudos to all the members of the team. We have certainly raised at least four notches up from last year, which in itself was a very successful year! The team proved that planning and execution are the keys for a successful event. Choosing the right people for each task and following it up is also important, which was evident from yesterday's event. Everything went like clockwork and we could not find a single flaw in the arrangements. Congratulations ASIE! Way to go!! – Showri Nandagiri, PE, NHCRWA, Life Member

  • ASIE New Logo Unveiling: This is great. Thanks for all the efforts by the team for ASIE inspite of busy jobs and busy schedule. – Ravi Arora, PE, HCPID Retired, Life Member

  • ASIE New Website: Heartiest Congratulations. It is a wonderful and professional website. Thank you for your leadership and hard work. – Dinesh Shah, MBA, PE, Shah Companies, Life Member

  • ASIE Field Trip to BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir: The field trip was a great event and an excellent job by ASIE” – Aravind Marella, Annual Member

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